Investment attractiveness
of the agricultural sector in Ukraine

Ukraine currently is one of the world’s leaders in export of agricultural products. The agricultural industry is one of the primary sectors of Ukrainian economy and the most attractive sector for investment. The agriculture as a whole makes up 12 percent of Ukraine’s GDP while constituting 17 percent of employment and over 38 percent of national exports.* Due to its unique natural resources, favorable climate and geographical location, Ukraine is well positioned to get the status of the world leader in agricultural exports and to play the significant role in ensuring global food security.


However, the main problem for the development of Ukrainian agriculture is the shortage of working capital and limited access to bank loans for Ukrainian agricultural producers. The annual deficit for the sowing campaign in Ukraine ranges from 13 to 16 billion UAH (600 million USD).


Grano Trade strives to develop the responsible business and to contribute to the social and economic development of Ukrainian agricultural sector. We build our own business processes in accordance with this principle. Our key priorities are:


  • Supporting Ukrainian small and medium agricultural producers by improving access to financial resources;
  • Reducing rural poverty, given that the agricultural sector employs nearly one fifth of the Ukrainian population
  • Increasing agricultural productivity
  • Improving business culture
  • Seeking and attracting investments to implement innovative projects in the agricultural sector.




* – According to the information of Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine

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