mln MT

Our team has experience in the implementation of Advance Payments Program in Ukraine with total grain purchasing volume about 4,5 mln MT


Agricultural producers

We cooperate directly with more than 1000 small and medium-sized agricultural producers across Ukraine



We have 20 representatives across Ukraine that allows us to work effectively with all market players on-ground

Grano Trade LLC – is private, fast growing company based in Kiev, Ukraine. We bring together highly qualified specialists having excellent know-how and solid experience in developing agricultural value chains.

Since its inception, Grano Trade focuses on core grains and oilseeds, where we have comparative advantages of grain origination and technical expertise. We purchase grain and oilseeds directly from agricultural producers under the Spot and Forward contracts.

We have built strategic relationships with agricultural producers, leading national operators in logistics and storage as well as international traders.
Grano Trade manages integrated agriculture supply chain with operations in procurement, warehousing, logistic, marketing and trading.

We focus on being professional, efficient and reliable supplier of Ukrainian agricultural commodities for our Clients. Keeping this in mind, we strive to provide our Clients with an excellent service in terms of efficient management, quality insurance, timely and safety commodity delivery.
End to end supply chain
Grano Trade has a large database of farmers with whom we have been conducting business for many years. We cooperate on the ground with more than 1000 small and medium agricultural producers across Ukraine.

Agricultural producers are the most important link in our business and as such we make every effort to maintain and foster relationships with grain growers. GranoTrade focuses mainly on basic agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, rape and sunflower. But we also able to provide our clients with necessary volumes of niche (non–traditional) agricultural commodities such as oats, millet, buckwheat, sorghum, chickpeas etc.
A fundamental element of Grano Trade’s success is the ability to purchase commodities at farm gate level and to store close to the point of origin. We pay extra attention to the quality of grain at the every stage of agricultural supply chain. We cooperate only with modern silos to ensure safe grain storage.
Grano Trade cooperates with top-10 transportation and logistics operators in Ukraine. Efficient management and full range of services providing by our business partners allows us to optimize outbound logistics and ensure timely and safe delivery of agricultural products from the most remote corners of Ukraine to the final destination.
The vast majority of our agricultural commodities are exported to foreign countries through Black sea ports. Export transshipment is an important element in the agricultural supply chain. Grano Trade established a strong business relationship with Kherson, Nikolaev, Yuzhny, Odesa, Illichivsk ports of the Black Sea.

Modern seaport transshipment facilities, competitive rates for sea freight enable us to provide efficient and timely handling of the necessary volume of agricultural products.
The company exports cereals, legumes and oilseeds. We bring together a team of highly professional managers with deep experience in international trade. During the years we have established stable business relationships with reliable foreign trade partners over the world.