Grano Trade aims to become a reliable partner for foreign Clients interested in purchasing grains and oilseeds directly from Ukrainian growers.


In this regard we consider our Advance Payments Program to be one of the most effective mechanisms of grain purchasing.


Advance Payments Program foresees purchasing grain and oilseeds of the further harvest from agricultural producers under the terms of an advance payment. Thus, agricultural producers obtain the affordable financing at key stages of crop cultivation. At the same time, the buyers through the use of forward contract already at pre-harvest period know that they have locked in the supply of the necessary volumes of commodity.


Our team has been implementing Advance Payments Program in Ukraine since 2011 and has experience in the purchases of grain with a total amount exceeding 4.5 million MT.


We invite foreign buyers to participate in our Advance Payments Program of harvest 2016/2017 season.


The main competitive advantages of our Advance Payments Program for our clients are:


Ability to purchase products directly from Ukrainian agricultural growers

We have a large database of farmers with whom we have been conducting business for many years. We cooperate on the ground with more than 1000 small and medium agricultural producers across Ukraine, which have proven their reliability and efficiency over the years.


Guaranteed volume

We are able to procure the necessary volume of agricultural commodities of the next harvest already in the spring. This allows our customers to lock in the supply of the necessary volumes of commodity and avoid risks of lack of necessary volumes of goods during high-demand periods.


Timely delivery

Grano Trade has well developed storage, transportation, logistics network of partner, spanning regional storage facilities, rail/road and bulk grain ports. This allows us to move our products efficiently and securely along supply chain and completely fulfill our obligations before our Clients.


Quality assurance

Our experts have extensive experience and use the latest technologies of quality assessment of grain and oilseeds. The possibility to manage and control the process at all key points along the grain supply chain allows to provide the buyers with quality assured agricultural products.


Guarantee of lower than market price

The mechanism of Advance Payments Program ensures our customers buy products at a price that is lower than the market.

At Grano Trade, we aim to develop long-term relationships with Clients built on trust, consistency of service and an in-depth understanding of their expectation. Therefore, we use special tools to minimize possible risks. We cooperate with leading International Reinsurance companies, use Pledge Agreement and Crop Receipts developed by IFC experts in Ukraine.

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please contact us by phone +38 0443555515 or email us at e-mail:
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