Advance Payments Program


Advance Payments Program foresees purchasing of grain and oilseeds of the further harvest from agricultural producers under the terms of an advance payment.


We invite international organizations, private investors, investment companies and funds to invest with Grano Trade in Advance Payments Program.


By investing with us our Investors can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • High return on investment
  • We propose both short-term and long-term investment options
  • Reliability
  • Risk insurance


How exactly does Advance Payments Program work?


Advance Payments Program provides financing for Ukrainian agricultural producers at key stages of crops production against future crops. According to our Program’s conditions, Grano Trade provides affordable financing for agricultural producers in pre-harvest period and gets reimbursed in crops at harvest time.


We provide the first part of financing to the agricultural producers in spring (pre-harvest financing for crop production). The cost of using the funds ranges from 8% to 12% per annum in hard currency.


Thus, investing in the spring, already in early fall, our investors fully return their invested capital and get a ROI up to 10 per annum in hard currency.


The final payment is provided at harvest time after the crop delivery in guality and quantity under the contract terms.


Grano Trade pays special attention to risks assessment and minimization.

If you are interested in investing in our  Forward grain purchase program or have any question regarding our Forward program, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone +38 (044) 3555515 or by e-mail:

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