Export agent services

At Grano Trade, we have extensive experience in purchases of grains and oilseeds directly from agricultural producers and export operations.

We have built strategic relationships with agricultural producers, leading national operators in logistics and storage as well as with international traders. This allows us to manage integrated agriculture supply chain with operations in procurement, warehousing, logistic, marketing and trading.

A fundamental element of Grano Trade’s success is the procurement of commodities at farm gate level and being able to store stock close to the point of origin until sufficient mass is aggregated to make transportation commercially viable.

We also help growers with their marketing decisions by providing timely market information and advising on market trends.

Grano Trade offers Export agent services for our grain suppliers to develop mutually beneficial cooperation.
If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please contact us by phone +38 0443555515 or email us at e-mail: office@granotrade.com.ua.
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